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Why Popular Restricted Brand Names?

♦ Less Competition

♦ Better Margins 

♦ Higher Number of Searches

♦ High Brand Loyalty

Total Number of Amazon Stores Managed By Us
Less Competition = Better Margins
Proven Formula = Clients Winning
Get Approved - Sell Popular Restricted Brand Names

Amazon FBA Store Automation
3 Step Formula

Get Started

Simply let us know which brands you would like to be authorized to sell within your Amazon store.

Get Approved

Let our team complete all the work needed to get your account approved to sell major brands on Amazon.
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Simply let us know how much merchandise you would like us to purchase from the warehouse at a wholesale rate, and let us scale your Amazon FBA Business.

Why Choose Us?
Amazon FBA Business

Restricted Brands

Less competition and better margins for popular products people are searching for. Rather than selling all the same brands that everyone else is, we take a different approach. At Smart FBA, we get our clients access to sell major restricted brand names. You need approval to sell many major brand names on Amazon. This results in substantially less competition and generally better profit margins. (See full list of brands below)

Amazon FBA Business

Risk Mitigation

We do not use Walmart as a supplier, because this is a violation of Amazon Dropshipping Policy and is considered a violation due to retail arbitrage. Many Amazon automation providers rely solely on Walmart and put their clients through major risk of account deactivation. The Amazon FBA Business generally produces much better performance metrics such as Order Defective Rates (ODR) and Tracking Rates.

Amazon FBA Business

100% FBA

It's quite known across the industry that an Amazon FBA Business is generally a much better alternative to dropshipping on Amazon. In an Amazon FBA Business, everything is sent over to the Amazon Warehouse and sent by Amazon, directly to the customer. Amazon FBA generally provides better results in terms of better shipment tracking, improved customer delivery times and provides higher customer feedback ratings.

Amazon FBA Business


Our results include an inventory report, sales report, cumulation report, and we even track your profit margins by brand. We are transparent with our clients and want them to know how much they're profiting. Once your sales manifest is complete, it is used to in conjunction to help generate the other reports. Once completed, these reports provide valuable insight into your Amazon store's performance.

Customer Service

Every client has a personalized experienced during setup with our highly trained onboarding team. We schedule a video conference calls at your most convenient time available. We cover many items to help expedite process such as:

Amazon FBA Business
Smart FBA

Some Brands We Get Our Clients Approved For

Smart FBA Reviews

Still Deciding on Which Automation Provider to Choose
Quick Summary

Smart FBA
100% Fulfillment by Amazon 100%
Complies with Amazon's Policies 100%
Support: 7 Days Per Week 12 Hours Per Day via Facebook 100%
We Own Our Own Warehouse - Smart Wholesale 100%
Generally Produces Better Performance Metrics 100%
We Do Not Use Walmart as a Supplier 100%
We Have Never Had an Client Shut Down, Suspended or Deactivated 100%
We Repair Amazon Stores from Third Party Clients 100%

Other Providers Using
Walmart as a Supplier

Extremely Risky Model 100%
Does Not Comply with Amazon's Policies 100%
Do Not Have Live Customer Support 100%
Use Walmart as a Supplier 100%
Does Not Comply with Amazon's Policies - Retail Arbitrage 100%
Have High Order Defect Rates 100%
Late Shipping and Upset Customers 100%
Your Account Can Be Permanetly Deactivated 100%

Where Do We Get Our Products?
Here is Our Own Warehouse!

Amazon FBA Business

Another Automation Provider
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Disclaimer: Results listed above or in any marketing material are not guaranteed. Results provided are provided specifically as examples only. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables. Results for other Clients should NOT be compared to yours in any way. Results are based on many various factors including capital, available inventory, brand approvals, time of year, account health, etc. Smart FBA Inc. does not guarantee or promise ANY results, outcomes, returns or profit margins. All business owners are responsible for their own business, accounts, liabilities and applicable taxes. This should be treated like any other business model, including the associated risks and is not a get rich quick scheme.  The Amazon FBA Business Model takes time to scale and inventory is required.

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