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Product, Price and Marketplace Analysis

We evaluate and research the following before determining a strategy:
1) UPCs within your catalog.
2) The competition within your category.
3) The best sellers' listings within your category.
4) Improvements wihtin the Brand Regristry and potential product line.
5) Replicate and improve listings based on product advantages and best sellers within the category.

Amazon FBA Seller

Risk Mitigation

We specialize in Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). We review the store and conduct solution based research. We methodically attempt to improve your store metrics by removing previous errors that occured prior to joining us. Some of the items we attempt to fix range from:

1) Intellectual property claims.
2) Stranded listings,
3) Suppressed listings,
4) Negative feedback removal
5) Listing creation errors
6) Correcting category browse path and GL Types

Amazon FBA Business

100% FBA

It's quite known across the industry that an Amazon FBA Business is generally a much better alternative to dropshipping on Amazon. In an Amazon FBA, everything is sent over to the Amazon Warehouse/Fulfillment Center and is sent by Amazon, directly to the customer. Amazon FBA generally provides better results in terms of better shipment tracking, improved customer delivery times and provides higher customer feedback ratings.

Amazon FBA Business

Monthly Reporting

Once we have a list of UPCs/SKUs and the list of product descriptions along with product costs we can formulate monthly reports based on the information provided.

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Amazon FBA Business
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Amazon FBA Business

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Disclaimer: Results listed above or in any marketing material are not guaranteed. Results provided are explicitly provided as examples only. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables. Results for other Clients should NOT be compared to yours in any way. Results are based on many various factors including capital, available inventory, brand approvals, time of year, account health, etc. Smart FBA Inc. does not guarantee or promise ANY results, outcomes, returns, or profit margins. All business owners are responsible for their business, accounts, liabilities, and applicable taxes. This should be treated like any other business model, including the associated risks, and is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  The Amazon FBA Business Model takes time to scale, and inventory is required. Any information provided is opinion only and should not be considered investment, financial, tax, and/or legal advice. We are not licensed financial advisors or tax professionals. Smart FBA INC is not affiliated with Amazon 

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