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Disclaimer: Results of other clients, stores, or marketing material should NOT be compared to yours in any way. Results are based on various factors, including capital, available inventory, brand approvals, time of year, account health, competition, etc. Smart FBA Inc. does not guarantee, promise, warranty, or forecast ANY results, outcomes, returns, or profit margins. Smart FBA and Smart Wholesale provide a service that focuses on store management and product sourcing. All business owners are responsible for their business, accounts, liabilities, and applicable taxes. This should be treated like any other business model, including the associated risks, and is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The Amazon FBA Business Model may take time to scale, and inventory is required for an Amazon FBA Store. Smart FBA and Smart Wholesale make no warranties or guarantees. Any information provided is opinion only and should not be considered investment, financial, tax, or legal advice. We are not licensed financial advisors or tax professionals. Smart FBA INC is not affiliated with Amazon or any of its affiliates. 

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